The numbers of women who suffer from thyroid issues are usually higher compared to that of men. The bad thing is that not everyone who has such a condition knows about its existence.


The thyroid is the primary gland in charge of metabolism and is shaped like a butterfly. It is situated in the neck and when it isn’t functioning, it has an impact on practically every area of your health.

The fundamental issue is that the majority of individuals downplay symptoms and delay seeking treatment. This ultimately results in obesity, depression, cardiovascular disease, anxiety, infertility, hair loss, and other conditions.

The following are some common indications that you could have a thyroid issue:

  • Joint and muscle pain:  Muscle and joint pain, hand weakness, and tingling and soreness from carpal tunnel are all common symptoms.
  • Increasing discomfort in the neck region:  a sense of puffiness, and discomfort while wearing a tie or polo.
  • Changes to the hair and skin:  When hair starts to fall out often, it frequently becomes dry, brittle, and delicate.
  • Skin might become flaky, dry, and unpleasant.
  • Bowel problems: severe and protracted diarrhea or constipation are also examples of intestinal issues.
  • Fertility and menstrual disorders: Periods of acute and persistent pain or shorter, milder, less excruciating pain. Thyroid issues might also be related to infertility.
  • High cholesterol is an issue since it does not react to a cholesterol-lowering diet, exercise program, or medication.
  • Anxiety and depression:  Thyroid dysfunction may cause depression, anxiety, or the rapid development of panic disorder.
  • Weight Changes:  Unexpected changes and weight issues might be symptoms of hypo- or hyperthyroidism.
  • Exhaustion – Sometimes this can be a sign of thyroid issues.
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