The parasitic infection affects nearly 3.5 billion people as reported by The World Health Organization. But what is a parasite? That is an organism that lives in and feeds on other organisms. But with the use of these nutrients, it damages the overall health of the organism.


The parasites have different forms. They grow vigorously in different organs, especially in the human intestines.

They can cause anemia because they feed on red blood cells while others cause feeling of hunger all the time by eating your food.

10 Symptoms of Parasites

  • Anxiety and mood issues such as forgetfulness, restlessness, nervousness, anxiety, depression and mood swings
  • Apathy, exhaustion, and fatigue
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Intestinal parasites attach to the lining of the intestines, causing inflammation. This is the most common indicator of parasites in the body.)
  • Urinary tract infections, menstrual and prostate problems,  PMS, water retention, reproductive problems, cyst, fibroids, and PMS.
  • Diarrhea (Parasites attack the lining of the intestines and cause abdominal problems such as diarrhea)
  • Anemia
  • Joint and muscle problems, such as joint pain, muscle pain, muscle cramps, arthritic pain, numbness of the feet and hands and pain in the navel
  • Sleeping disorders such as disturbed sleep, bed wetting, insomnia, and teeth grinding during sleep
  • Problems with appetite and weight, including increased appetite or loss of appetite, inability to gain or lose weight, and long-standing obesity
  • Skin problems, including sores, lesions, eczema, hives, dry skin, and rashes

If you are not sure whether you have parasites or not, you can easily find out by a stool test. To find out the type of the parasitic infection do a test and also consult a doctor.

Parasites love sugar-derived food and sugar, so avoid processed food and sugar. If you do so, you will starve them and eventually get rid of them.

However, when it comes to your diet it is important to consume food and herbs that will create an improper environment for the parasites.

We recommend consuming foods like papaya, gentian root, pomegranate seeds, coconut oil, aloe, blackberries, ginger, and raw cabbage.

Also, you can eliminate both the parasites and the worms from your body with food rich in fiber.

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