In general, our bodies do an excellent job of managing themselves, but occasionally they need a little help. When anything is wrong, your body will always tell you.

Weird things to our bodies. They will alert us when anything is amiss, when things are going well, or when we need a rest. When your body needs assistance, it will let you know, and ignoring it will only worsen. To be clear, if you see any of these ten symptoms, you should pay heed. It’s pleading for your attention, and you owe it a duty of care.

Gums That Bleed

A variety of factors may cause bleeding gums, but usually, it is a result of a shortage in calcium. Vitamin D is the primary source of calcium in our diet, so taking a supplement isn’t a bad idea. They are common in pregnant women as the fetus starts to form bones. This is because her calcium is being absorbed.

Dry Elbows

Deficiencies in vitamins A and D might manifest as dry elbows. Take a multivitamin, and be sure to include calcium-rich foods like milk, broccoli, and kale in your diet.

Damaged Hair and Fingernails

Brittle hair and nails are a symptom that prenatal vitamins are needed if you are expecting a child. Deficiency in calcium from vitamin D might also be a sign. Additionally, if you have bleeding gums, increasing your intake of vitamin D-rich foods and supplements is recommended.

Irritability, Leg Cramps, and Poor Sleep

Symptoms of potassium insufficiency include all of the above. Magnesium deficiency may also be a contributing factor. If you want to sleep better and get rid of cramps in your legs, try eating more nuts like linseeds, almonds, and sunflower seeds.

Sour Cravings

Because of this, your liver is likely in need of some extra stimulation. Gallbladder dysfunction is also a possible cause; therefore, you should eat more cranberries and lemons.

Cravings for Seafood

Iodine deficiency typically manifests itself as a longing for seafood.

Those Raw Food Cravings

Signs of liver, gastritis and anemia problems might be seen in this case. Additionally, a raw food diet has been shown to alleviate cramps and calm the stomach.

Crushed Ice Cravings

Iron and anemia deficiency is manifested in this way as well. It will help if you eat more iron-rich meals, such as steak, in order to avoid anemia.

Salt Cravings

Inflammation within the body might cause salty cravings. You may have an infection in your urogenital system if you are always seeking salty foods.

Dark Yellow Pee

To be on the safe side, don’t overlook the fact that your urine is dark yellow when you go for a whiz. When your urine is clear, you’re hydrated; when it’s black, you’re dehydrated. As a result of dehydration, your body’s system might go out of balance.

Sudden, Extremely painful Headaches

You may have a clogged artery if you suddenly have a bad headache. As per the Cleveland Clinic, a sudden, intense headache might indicate a more serious, life-threatening disease. About six percent of the population may be living with a brain aneurysm that has not yet burst.


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