The sweet potatoes are coming from the same order as regular potatoes, but in fact they do belong in different family and species. Many people are calling it a unique potato with many different colors, look alike yams and has great nutritional values. The most usual sweet potato is the one with yellow-orange or white/cream flesh.

The beta-carotene is to blame for its sweetness. It is used by our body for generation of vitamin A, which is why it is referred to as Provitamin A. If you have the chance to buy purple-fleshed sweet potatoes, you should get them at the same moment because they are a great source of antioxidants (even more than blueberries).

15 Nutritious Facts:

1. Perfect for Diabetics: Thanks to the natural sugars contained, the sweet potatoes are stabilizing and lowering the diabetic’s insulin resistance and regulate their sugar levels.

2. Digestion: Sweet potatoes are rich with dietary fibers which are crucial for healthy digestive tract. They protect from colon cancer and ease constipation.

3. Prevents Emphysema: Smokers are very vulnerable for emphysema and are having lack of Vitamin A. The carotenoids included in sweet potato are used from the body to generate Vitamin A in the regeneration of the respiratory system.

4. Immune System: Vitamin D is vital for the working of the thyroid gland, for the teeth, nerves, bones, skin and energy levels. The sweet potatoes are a great source of Vitamin D.

5. Healthy Heart: The potassium included in the sweet potatoes improves the overall health of the hearth, negates the sodium effect and normalizes blood pressure and balances electrolytes. With the help of vitamin B6 the sweet potato is able to prevent strokes, heart attacks and degenerative diseases.

6. Healthy Muscles and Tissues: The potassium is helping the athletes to diminish the cramps and bloating, gives them energy and eases their muscle constriction. They also are regulating the nerve signals and heartbeats.

7. Anti-Oxidant: With the help of the carotenoids such as beta-carotene, the sweet potatoes are helpful against gout, arthritis and asthma. They are also diminishing the aging effects and prevent the development of breast and lung cancers.

8. Fetal Development: The pregnant women are needful in folic acid which will help them to have healthy fetal tissue and cell development. The sweet potatoes are rich source of folic acid.

9. Anti-Stress: The potassium is regulating the body’s water balance, boosts oxygen flow and normalizes heartbeats. The magnesium included works as anti-stress factor.

10. Vitamin C: There is plenty of Vitamin C in the sweet potatoes. This vitamin is vital for the function of the whole body.

11. Anemia: The sweet potatoes are rich source of iron too, which is helpful in the fight against anemia because the iron is crucial in the generation of white and red blood cells.

12. Youthful Skin: If sometimes happens to boil your sweet potatoes, don’t throw away the water. Use it for your skin. It will ease irritated places, cleanse your pores and eliminate waste. The Vitamin C will assist in collagen generation, and the Vitamin E will better the skin complexion. In addition you can eliminate crinkles, puffiness of the eyes and dark circles with the help of anthocyanins.

13. Premenstrual Symptoms: Thanks to the manganese and iron contained the sweet potatoes are helpful for the withering premenstrual symptoms.

14. Quality Hair: Beta-carotene stimulates hair growth and protects from issues like dandruff and damaged hair. As you already read the sweet potatoes are rich source of beta-carotene.

15. Minerals: Minerals like potassium, manganese, magnesium, calcium and iron are all included in the sweet potatoes. They are vital for the carbohydrate, protein and enzyme metabolism.

Remember, if you already had a history of oxalate urinary tract stones, consult with your doctor about the usage of sweet potatoes. He will probably recommend you to avoid them.

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