As per reports by The National Cancer Institute, It is predicted that by the year 2040, new cases of cancer that are recorded annually will stand at 29.5 million, and the resulting deaths will rise to 16.4 million.

Cancer never discriminates according to geographic locations, races and ages. Though it is not easy to point out what causes all types of cancer, we can try to understand the most prevalent signs and symptoms. With that, it will help us identify the disease early enough and find ways of stopping it. If you experience several of the symptoms below, then it is tie to seek medical attention.

15 most common signs and symptoms to warn you about a possible cancer attack

  1. Loose stool and diarrhea

Seek medical attention if you experience abdominal pain or watery/loose stool for a long period. This is common in 1 in 10 patients that have cancer.

  1. Swallowing Difficulty

Don’t take chances if you experience difficulty when swallowing. There are chances that you might be having some infection or esophagus damage in the short-term. However, if it goes on for weeks, esophageal cancer might be developing.

  1. You are always feeling full

If your appetite significantly decreases and you always feel full, there are chances you might be experiencing early signs of ovarian cancer.

  1. Blood in your Urine or Stool

Seek medical attention of you experience this sign. It is one of the symptoms of prostate cancer, bladder cancer, tumors or bowel cancer. It may also indicate that one has anemia.

  1. Persistent ulcers or sores

Our bodies trigger the process of healing when ulcers or sores develop. If the open ulcers or ores do not heal and last for over 2 weeks, then something is wrong. Don’t ignore such signs, seek medical attention.

  1. Indigestion and heartburn

Though common after overeating, they should be treated as a concern when they regularly occur and last for days.

  1. If you notice changes in your urinary habits

If you notice that, then it means there are changes in your body. This can ranges from slow urine flow, frequent urination, to feelings or urgency when you need to urinate. If you experience that, there are chances that bladder or prostate cancer is developing.

  1. Raspy or croaky voice

Though cold and other infections can cause a hoarse voice, when it goes on for weeks it can be a sign of Laryngeal cancer.

  1. Sweating during the night

Specific medications when treating certain body infections can make you to experience night sweats. If you notice you are severely sweating to the point where your clothing and sheets are drenching, there are chances you are suffering from lymphoma.

  1. Feelings of fatigue and weakness

Different illnesses and diseases can cause this, but it is really extreme and accompanied with other listed signs when it is linked with cancer.

  1. Excessive weight loss

This sign is usually associated with several types of cancers like stomach, lung, pancreas, and esophagus cancers.  If you have not changed your lifestyle and you lose around 10 lbs or more, you should seek medical attention.

  1. If you experience bloating

A diet trigger may cause an on and off bloating. But, if the condition remains for over 3 weeks, it might a sign of ovarian or stomach cancer.

  1. Breathlessness

This is a sign that 50-70% of patients suffering from cancer experience. You need to speak to a medical professional if you often feel breathless more often.

  1. When you experience vaginal bleeding amid periods

If you experience this between periods, after having sex, or post-menopause, seek the help of a medical professional. It is a common symptom of uterine cancer.

  1. Ongoing discomfort and pain

Cancer destroys healthy tissues when it develops in the body. When it develops further, cancerous growths and tumors pressure body parts such as organs, bones and nerves leading to prolonged pain.

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