In today’s world, the weight increase is a major issue. It is linked to obesity, cardiovascular disease, and various other health issues, including cancer. Sugar is the most common culprit in weight gain.

Substances like honey, mangoes, bananas, and many processed foods, contain sugar. In addition to weight gain, excessive sugar consumption may induce headaches, tiredness, cancer, infections, and hyperactivity.

What’s the connection between sugar and weight gain?

While our bodies need to use sugar as an energy source, excess sugar is stored in our bodies as fat. Our detox program may help you rid your body of sugar and fix any health issues you may be experiencing. Fortunately, you can do so immediately. Here’s the plan, if you’d want to see it!

The first day

Breakfast: Berries, boiled eggs, almonds, and various seeds and nuts.

Snack: Nuts in a dish

Lunch menu: Chicken breast with a variety of root vegetables and beans.

Dinner: Salmon fillet accompanied with broccoli and fried mushrooms. You can also opt for a bowl of green beans and broiled fish.

Day two


Breakfast is the same as it was the day before.

Snack: the same as yesterday.

Lunch: Salad with shredded cabbage, lemon juice, and olive oil dressing; grilled zucchini with red and yellow peppers and a thyme-vinegar-lemon-juice sauce for the zucchini.

Dinner: Baking fish with Bok Choy and roasting Brussels turnips and sprouts with steamed veggies and soup.

The third day

Breakfast: 3-egg omelet with shrimp and kale salad with walnuts and a cup of almonds or berries.

Snack: Stick to days 1 and 2’s snacks.

Lunch: Roasted chicken, black olives, onions, and thyme and lemon juice.

Dinner: Penne pasta with a tomato-mushroom-basil sauce and a bowl of vegetable broth.

You may effectively cleanse your body of sugar and enhance your general health if you stick to the three-day schedule for those three days.

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