The health benefits of the vegan diet are documented by the results of serious medical research. Indeed, this is one of the main motivations that lead many people to adopt this lifestyle. There are also those who become vegans primarily obeying feelings of animal compassion and a desire to eliminate environmental damage.

Therefore, we have more than enough reasons to adopt a plant-based diet. As a result of various investigations, we know that the vegan diet can promote a better immune system, preventing many chronic illnesses. But it not only prevents, it does it better than any other eating style known today. Although the intake of vegan foods does not always guarantee good health, especially if the following mistakes are made.

Believe that being vegan is a guarantee of good health

The association of health, sport and a good diet make up what we know as a healthy lifestyle. In the 1970s, a renowned athlete and author of bestselling books was struck down by cardiac arrest. He was known to boast that he could eat whatever he wanted because he ran so many miles. Having a similar belief could pose a serious risk to the lives of those who cultivate veganism.

When we speak of low rates of illnesses, we are not saying that there is no risk. If they do not comply with a correct lifestyle for health, vegans could also develop chronic diseases. In addition, there is a factor that is not taken into account, the majority of vegans consumed meat before converting. That lifestyle could have started problems that could now advance silently. Therefore, like everyone else, they need tests to ensure that they are in optimal health.

Not following a healthy lifestyle

A vegan diet can be a good choice for health, however, it is not enough for complete well-being. If you want to prevent or combat chronic diseases, you must reinforce with healthy habits, in addition to changing your diet.

Vegans also need to incorporate these other healthy practices into their life. Getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night is a good habit to contribute to good health. Some vegans have not yet quit the harmful habit of smoking. In addition, there is the factor of the psychological impact of the social reaction to the adoption of a vegan diet. The influence of external elements could cause serious disorders derived from stress.

Do not consume the necessary supplements for the body


Indistinctly, vegans, like those who do not have this lifestyle, can present low levels of nutrients. Vegans are generally deficient in B12, vitamin D, omega-3, iodine, vitamin K2, and taurine. For the vegan diet to be beneficial for the health of those who practice it, it is necessary to consume these nutrients.

There are some vegan vitamins that meet the basic needs of these supplements and are recommended by doctors. You can also use homemade vegan recipes to ensure the consumption of important elements such as omega-3s. If you want to comply with vitamin D you can drink vegetable milk, which is rich in this vitamin. For iron requirements you can consume lentils, beans, spinach, sunflower seeds and tofu. Blood tests are important to make sure you are consuming these nutrients in the required amounts.

Eat vegan junk food

A “vegan” label on a package does not guarantee that it is a healthy option. A lunch containing permitted soft drinks and fried foods can be quite delicious. But, the truth is, it is far from being considered a really healthy lunch.

Although they are not always at hand, there are healthy and vegan options to give us our tastes without damaging our health. Happily, with the number of people choosing to go vegan, chefs have started creating healthy delicacies.

But we must be careful with the ingredients and the way we consume food. When we use processed grains to make snacks, we are not consuming healthy food. It can be really difficult to find vegan friendly foods, especially when we are traveling. For this reason, I always suggest a little effort to learn to read the ingredients of what you want to buy.

The change to the vegan lifestyle is on the rise, every day more people choose a more consistent life. This is a testament to the growing awareness that you can have both a healthy body and a healthy planet. If you decide to go vegan and avoid the four mistakes described here, it could be the best decision of your life.


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