Back fat can be a huge bane to your existence even if you’re generally healthy. It can be detrimental to your body image and make you feel less confident in yourself. Check out these four exercises to help deal with your back fat.

1. Kissing Elbows

Bringyour arms up to shoulder level while keeping your palms face up. Bend your knees to a 90-degree angle and bring your arms together in front of you. Don’t move your shoulders up to accomplish this move. Reverse the action to complete one rep.

2. Crossover Reverse Flyer

Keeping your knees bent, bend your body forwards 45 degrees. Cross your arms by your wrists keeping them level with your bent knees. Move your crossed arms slowly up until they reach your shoulders, and then return them down. Repeat by crossing your arms in the oppositefashion.

3. Rowing in Circles


In the same bending position as the crossover reverse flyer, push your hands out towards the floor. Slowly start to circle them going left, up and finally to your chest. Then, circle them to the right and down. Finally, start at the opposite side.

4. Pushing Touch

While standing keep your arms at your sides with your palms facing forward. Move your arms up to shoulder height keeping your palms pointed towards the ceiling. Continue by moving your arms up over your head. Then, return them down to shoulder height before continuing to the original position. The key to this position is keeping the rest of your body still.

Conquer that back fat today with these four easy exercises. You should add about three sets of each consisting of about 10 repetitionseach, except for the pushing touch which should be about six repetitions.



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