So, research is in, broken and celebrated. Reflexology actually works. As reported in both The Telegraph and The Daily Mail, reflexology may be just as effective as mild painkillers like aspirin, acetaminophen,  or ibuprofen.

Participants were asked to submerge their hands in ice water for as long as possible. Reflexology was then applied to hands and feet and participants were asked to submerge their hands again. The study showed that those who received proper reflexology (as opposed to a placebo-like alternative that did not employ proper reflexology techniques) could handle colder water for longer periods of time. Meaning that reflexology is proven to reduce pain by 40% and improve the time pain can be handled by 45%.

Reflexology is a good way to increase blood circulation, restore balance to your body, reground your mind, and ease aches and pains. And today, I’m talking about five reflexology points for four of the most problematic joints to help ease arthritis of all sorts.


Knee pain is brutal. It happens from old injuries you knew you had, didn’t know you had, carrying extra weight, walking or running on hard surfaces, or just from life. They’re the most commonly replaced joint in the human body. To prevent the pain expense, and time off for an knee replacement (nearly a year total), you can press a spot on your foot to help ease the pain in your knees.

The reflexology spot for knee joints is on each foot. The spot is located on the outside of the foot, before the heel and at the end of the foot arch. To find this, find the middle of your ankle bone and run your fingers straight down the side of your foot, just before the sole. Press that spot firmly. To get good pressure, use your thumb to press the spot and wrap your fingers around the other side of your foot.



Elbow pain is a much rarer occurrence than knee pain, and to my knowledge,  only happens after you’ve experienced an injury to your elbow.

The reflexology point here is in your hand. Look at your palm, locate the split between your ring and pinky finger, trace down, you should be able to feel the bones of your knuckles. Press at the bottom of the joint. That should help in easing your pain.


Shoulders wear out fast, but they also just end up hurting if you sleep in a weird position. Particularly if you sleep with your hands up by your head, or if a beloved pet falls asleep on your arm and you just can’t bear to move them.

This spot is super easy to locate, look at the bottom of your foot. See the big, padded area beneath your pinky toe? That’s your shoulder spot. Give it a good press. For this one I actually like to tuck a golf ball underneath that spot and put pressure on it. It hurts ‘so good’ as it were –  a healthy pain.


This is certainly a trouble spot for women as they get older. My mum has been complaining about her hips since she turned 40. Maybe it was carrying three children, or maybe just all the walking someone does in forty years, but either way, she’s got hip troubles.

The hip area is located on the outside of the foot. Just beneath and slightly forward of the ankle bone. Apply serious pressure here. To get a good amount of pressure, wrap your fingers around your foot and squeeze.

There is another spot on your hand for hip pain, looking at your hand, it’s the meaty part of the heel of your palm opposite where you thumb ends (closest to the wrist). Press the side of your hand firmly.

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