All of our bones are connected to each other, and not just our bones, all of our systems. That’s why when something hurts, some other things hurt too. Have you ever noticed that a sore foot really hurts your leg too? It’s because everything is connected. Especially on your feet.

Foot pain can be caused by so many things – there is a list of more than 25. That includes conditions like: arthritis, bunions, athlete’s foot, overlapped toes, corns, ingrown toenails, and heel spurs. All of these things can cause discomfort of some kind.

Foot pain relief solutions

Probably the least drastic of your options for foot pain relief is to begin stretching. Foot stretches are so easy to accomplish and you can do them in 5 minutes – while eating your breakfast.

Raise your fingers

Raise your toes. It doesn’t sound difficult, but it can be incredibly difficult for some people to do. Stand on your feet and lift all your toes at the same time. Your little toe should be raised the same way and height as your big toe. Do this five times on each foot.

Tennis ball rub for sore feet

Put your foot on a tennis ball and roll it under your feet with gentle pressure. Do this to both feet. When you’re done, bend your foot with your toes pointing toward the knee. Then stretch your fingers again, but now pointing straight down.

Lower the big toe while raising the others

As you lift your fingers, lower only your big toe. Keep the others elevated. This can be very difficult, but “smart” feet are stronger and more balanced. If you can press down on your big toe, try pressing just your little toe instead. Do this 5 times for each foot.


Standing, balance your weight to the outside of your foot, lifting your weight from the inside of your foot. Next, rock inward until your weight is resting on the inside of your foot. Do both feet at the same time 10 times.

Elastic band ankle stretch

Sit on the floor holding a resistance band. Hook your foot through the band so that the ball of your foot rests against it. Then press your toes out as the picture shows – you will feel the stretch. Repeat this 15 times on each foot. You can do it with both feet at the same time or one at a time.

Toes and fingers

Sit with your legs forward, toes pointing toward the ceiling. Lean forward and tie your fingers with your toes, then gently pull back and forth. This can be a bit tricky. If you can’t do it on both feet, try one foot at a time.

Other tips for foot pain

Here are other foot care tips that can help restore balance, health, and strength to your legs.

Try yoga exercises. Yoga is a great way to stabilize your body, the source of almost all yoga postures is based on the feet. In yoga you will learn to truly root your feet, restoring balance to your body, but also to your state of mind.

Walk barefoot on the ground. Your feet are designed to be flexible, they were grown to grip uneven surfaces – that’s why we have toes. If you don’t have a backyard, you can get shoes with integrated single toes – it sounds silly, but it can do wonders for your feet.

Soak your feet in Epsom salts. Epsom salts can help you detoxify your feet. They are also a great way to increase your magnesium intake (you may be deficient).

Choose appropriate footwear. Choosing comfortable shoes often means giving up cute ones – high heels. Avoid narrowing your toes completely. Choose the appropriate shoes for the width of your foot. Choose shoes that breathe – like leather or mesh and choose shoes that have good arch support.

Go to a specialist. If your foot pain continues, see a doctor. Maybe you need custom orthotics, which can be expensive, but it will make you feel like your feet are in the clouds.

Take good care of your feet, especially if you are diabetic. Foot health is crucial to your overall health – so don’t ignore them.

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