Both men and women face hair fall – which is a common beauty care concern. Alopecia is a known chronic hair loss condition. Usually, hair fall is associated with health conditions, aging, hormonal changes and hereditary problems. Some lifestyles habits may also lead to hair thinning. We are here to let you learn about daily habits which are likely to lead to hair fall.

1. Opting for a tight hairstyle
Such hair styles stress the hair follicles and eventually the excessive tension damages them. In some cases it may permanently weaken the air follicle and make the hair not to grow again – a condition known as traction alopecia.

2. Hot Shower
Though it feels good when we take a hot shower, it can dehydrate the hair strands. When that happens, the hair becomes brittle, and more prone to falling and breaking out. As we wash the nourishing oils on the scalp, more production is triggered which eventually cases more hair loss.


3. Being excessively exposed to the sun
The hair strands’ outer cover (cuticles) is damaged by the UVB and UVA rays. When that happens, it results to brittle and dry hair strands, as well as hair fizziness and thinning.

4. Excessive hairstyling products
Using a lot of heat hair products doing excessive styling with the promise of keeping your hair intact my eventually cause more harm. Most of them have high alcohol content that can make your hair brittle and dry. If you frequently brush or comb the hair, it may cause hair fall or breakage.

5. Smoking
It is believed that smoking can reduce the flow of blood to the scalp can lead to the DNA damage of the hair follicles. The same happens when you are highly stressed. Smoking inhibits hair regrowth and also cases some damage to the lungs.

6. Harshly Combing your hair
Harsh combing strains the scalp and leads to hair loss or breakage. If you have tangled hair, use a conditioner and brush it gently while in the shower. A detangling spray is also recommended.

7. Skipping meals
Meals help in the formation of hair. When you skip them, all the energy is directed to other vital functions such as brain work and helping your heart function. Take a balanced diet rich in proteins like meat, eggs, fish and lentil. Hair is primarily made up of protein, so such a diet can help

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