Do you have veins that are more enlarged? There is a possibility that you are having varicose or spider veins. These veins are annoying and sometimes can make one feel some discomfort of pain. In some cases they can lead to circulatory problems. It is usual to see these veins on the feet or legs and they are never attractive.

The appearance of these veins is dark blue or purple and you those with them have no ability of preventing them from developing. Below we are sharing you with natural ways of making varicose veins disappear.

  1. Massage yourself

Blood pooling is one of the cause of varicose veins. Take your time and daily massage the location where these veins are located. The message needs to be done gently with upward strokes and aid with the flow of blood. You should avoid applying too much pressure to the veins and you may use oil during the massage.

  1. Apply Pressure

Compression stocking can help you do this. Ensure the stocking feel gentle and with consistent pressure. You can buy them online or from local stores.

  1. Use Garlic

It has a compound known as allicin – which helps prevent the inflammation of blood vessels. You can include the garlic in your dinner or directly apply the mixture of olive oil, orange juice and garlic to the affected areas.

  1. Apples Cider Vinegar Can Help

It is known for its great anti-inflammatory abilities. By taking a tablespoon (after mixing with water) daily, it can increase blood flow and reduce swelling. Applying it directly to the area can also be an option.

  1. Some movements can help
Three people walking in a park, getting some exercise

Being sited or standing for long periods of time is never good for your veins – walking can help in blood circulation. This is important for those with office jobs.

  1. A mudpack can help

They can help lower chances of inflammation. The application is done when wet and it forms a tightening effect when it dries.

  1. Try witch hazel

This Native American herbal remedy can relief the development of varicose veins. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and contains tannins that restore the elastic nature of veins

Which technique do you use to relief your varicose veins?

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