Who Knew Banana Peels Were Eatable?

We all love eating bananas and throw the banana peels out. They’re sweet, healthy, and nutritious, and most importantly, dirt cheap. Bananas are suitable for everyone, even those who work out and trying to lose weight. The tropical fruit is a great energy booster and goes well in different healthy recipes as well.

Eating bananas, of course, means eating the fruit. But, what about the peel? Most people just throw banana peels out when they’re done with the fruit which is a mistake. It may not sound like it, but banana peels are actually very beneficial and have been used for their nutritional benefits in Asia for quite a while.

The thick and fibrous skin has a slightly bitter taste. That can be improved – all you need to do is boil them in water for 10 minutes. Once the peel softens in the water, it’s easier to chew and digest.

Full of essential nutrients, the peels of the tropical fruit are great for our overall health.

Nutritious Profile of Banana Peels

If you thought that the flesh of a banana is nutritious, wait until you see what’s in the peel. According to studies, the peel is full of vitamins B6 and B12 along with magnesium and potassium. All of these nutrients are key for our health, helping our bodies work properly. The banana peel also has fiber and protein which are key nutrients in our diets.

Eating the peel is great for our bodies and the environment. Instead of throwing the peels out, you can eat them or even reuse them in many other ways.

Banana peel uses include a fertilizer, can keep the meat moist when roasting, and can even be used to make a tasty banana vinegar that can be added to salads and meals.

Here are some banana peel uses you weren’t aware about:

Sparkly Teeth

If you want whiter teeth, use a banana peel. Rub the teeth with the inner white side of the peel every day for 2 minutes. Repeat the process for two weeks, and you will see the results.

Removes Warts

If you have problems with warts, you can solve that with a banana peel. To remove the wart, cover the wart with a small square of the banana peel and leave it overnight. Repeat the process until the wart is gone.

Banana Peel for Acne

The banana peel is great for your skin. It is excellent for removing wrinkles and skin stains. It contains antioxidants and anti-aging properties, moistures the skin and increases its elasticity. Just rub the inside of the banana peel on the face, especially on the affected areas and leave it like that for 30 minutes.

Cures Psoriasis

A banana peel can’t cure this health condition completely, but it can at least relieve the symptoms such as scratching and redness and to aid the healing process. Rub the banana peel on the affected area and leave it for 10 minutes.

A Great Natural Painkiller

Banana peels are a great painkiller. If you have painful areas on your body, gently rub the banana peel on those places and leave it there for 15 minutes. You will soon feel relief.

Relieves Insect Bites

Rub a banana peel on your insect bites and rashes and you will stop the itching.

Banana Peel For Cleaning

Rub the inner side of a banana peel on furniture and jewelry to light up their spark once again.


Shoe Polish

Did you know that you can use banana peels as shoe polish? Simply rub the inside on your shoes to spark them up and make them look like new.

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