A man, at the age of 53, could handle heavy equipment and a bulldozer, but the heart wasn’t that strong. His name is Fred Wilson.

He suffered from hypertension, where the arteries narrowed and the heart couldn’t pump blood through them. Giving extra pressure to the arteries lead to having a heart attack and stroke.



At first he started taking antihypertensive medications without noticing the side effects. But there was one specific side effect that made him realize it could happen to someone else. He needed to share his store to other men taking the same medications.

He then decided to take alternative therapy, suggested by his doctor. Changes in diet, lifestyle and other natural methods can lower the blood pressure without consuming drugs.

Before any therapy you should consult your doctor. Many people that have readings 130/85 (normal blood pressure) to 159/99 ( upper range of mild high blood pressure) can use this treatment.

Here are some alternative therapies that you can try to lower your blood pressure

Vessel- relaxing herb

A research on 36 patients with mild high blood pressure, who were given either 500 milligrams hawthorn extract, 600 mg magnesium, a combination of two, or a placebo, showed different results.

The hawthorn group gave the most results. It is rich in flavonoids, biochemicals relaxing the musculature of the vessels and at the same time decreasing the blood pressure.

It is recommended to use the same dose like in the research: 500 mg hawthorn extract. The powdered hawthorn tablets are too weak to be useful.

Eat a low- fat diet (without salt)

There was a research conducted in the New England Journal of Medicine. It was focused on the diet by lowering the saturated fats, increasing the fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy products. The salt was reduced as well. After 30 days of systolic pressure the participants showed results where 11.5 points were reduced.

Garlic friendly

We know that the garlic has positive effects on circulation, thinning the blood and dissolving blood fats. It also has effect on the blood pressure, relaxing the arterial muscles. Incorporating garlic in the diet can lower the blood pressure. Many studies show that the garlic supplements can help as well.

Try needles

Chinese people have been using acupuncture for a long time to lower the blood pressure. A research on 192 people was conducted. They were divided in three groups. The first one had acupuncture sessions for 12 weeks, the second had needles applied in a consistent position, and the last group had sham acupuncture where the needles were applied on areas that don’t include high blood pressure treatment.

People dropped 20, 30 and 40 systolic points from the group. People even came off their medications with acupuncture. The last group gave the best results.


Many supplements can help improve the blood flow and reduce the blood pressure. Omega -3 fatty acids are the best choice. People who are taking omega-3 fatty acid for four months reduced significantly their blood pressure. A study was made on patients having mild high blood pressure divided in groups. One was given omega-3 fatty acids eicosapentaenooic acid (epa) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) or a placebo. The pressure was dropped by 6 points over those consuming the placebo.

You need also to include antioxidant vitamins A, C, E and selenium.

A study where patients were given antioxidant supplement for 8 weeks and placebo for 8 weeks gave different results. While they were taking antioxidants, their pressure was dropping; when they started taking placebo there pressure was not moving.

Antioxidants help the elasticity of the blood vessel walls, letting the blood to flow.

Daily doses are:

  • Supplement minimum 1,500 mg Vitamin C
  • supplement with 200 to 400 international units vitamin E
  • supplement with 15, 000 to 25,000 vitamin A
  • supplement with 50 to 250 micrograms selenium


You need to have moderate physical activity to reduce the high blood pressure. You need to walk slowly or jog three times a day in a period of 10 weeks to lower the blood pressure by 13 points.

Soothe your stress

You can meditate; do yoga, deep breathing and progressive relaxation can help you a lot. You can try talking to a therapist as well. The stress relief method can help to lower the blood pressure by 3 systolic points. You can reduce the blood pressure by 10 points if you combine a counselor therapy as well.

The most effective way to reduce blood pressure is to combine methods like yoga, and talking to a therapist. This was stated by J. David Spence, a neurologist who is a director of the Stroke Prevention and Atherosclerosis Research Centre in London, Canada.

Water fasting

In June 2001 a study was published by the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics showing 174 people having water fasting at TrueNorth Health in Penn grove California.

At first it was several days pre- fasting, where patients had fresh fruits and vegetables and steamed vegetables. The second was water only for 4 to 28 days, and at the last they had post- fasting where they started with juices, raw fruits and vegetables, later cooked vegetables, whole grains and legumes.

It gave results of decreasing the blood pressure in a significant number.

Fasting is effective because:

With fasting the body eliminates toxins causing hypertension, reduces weight, unclogs arteries and even eliminates the excess sodium. People shouldn`t do this treatment at home because some medical supervision is required.

The fasting method was used by Wilson. His results were amazing.

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