Wedding day is the most memorable day in our life.

Sudden and charming during the photo session, but even more memorable when visitors come to us.

The couple, Sarah and Zach, met and photographed Catherine White at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

The large park with a wooden backdrop was ideal for photography. Surprisingly, however, not everything went according to plan.

Right in the middle of filming, raccoon crawled out of the bushes and stole the show. Fortunately White was able to seize the moment.

Kathryn White Photography/FACEBOOK

“We were kicked out of the way, but they kept coming towards us out of curiosity,” White Dodo said. “They were so sweet and sweet!”

The raccoon stayed nearby for a long time, took a picture with a happy couple, and then left as soon as he arrived.

Sarah and Zach weren’t quite sure what they were going to shoot, but they didn’t seem to care.

“We laughed at how it really happened,” White said.

When the animals attacked your wedding photos, it seemed to add charm.

“We thought it was a good sign,” White said.

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