When Darrick calls Raw No, the whole herd of elephants runs in his direction. Kham Lala always leads the pack and the elephants always greet Darrick as if he were one of them.

It’s clear that Darrick has been patient in gaining the trust of the animals and it now shows in their acceptance of him. The Elephant World website explains that the reception Darrick regularly receives from animals is rare but has been seen before.

The site explains that elephants are highly intelligent and emotionally developed creatures and have helped humans on many occasions. They are also known to protect other animals in the wild, including members of their own species.

Elephants have been recorded carrying heavy objects so that rescuers can reach victims of natural disasters.

Darrick seems to love his trips to the Elephant Nature Park as much as the elephants love him there. It is a place where he can observe the animals he frequents in their natural habitat. He also takes advantage of animals’ love for him.

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