We’ve all been there: you cut your finger, and it won’t stop bleeding no matter what you do. You’ll never have to worry about that again because this treatment will solve your bleeding issues in less than 10 seconds.

Indigenous people in North America have consumed and used cayenne for food and medicine for over 9000 years. Peppers like this may be grown all over the world.

The dried red skins of a variety of fiery chili peppers are ground into cayenne pepper. Capsaicin, the primary ingredient in this pepper, makes it so scorching. The more capsaicin a pepper has, the hotter it is. There are a lot of capsaicin-rich ribs in the pepper, rather than the seeds, which is what most people think of.

Several Reasons to Keep Cayenne Pepper in Your Medicine Cabinet

An emergency first aid pack should include cayenne pepper. In the event of severe bleeding, it is the herb of choice. According to studies, cayenne pepper has also been shown to stop a heart attack within a few minutes of consumption.


Dr. Raymond Christopher may be a name you’re familiar with. While he didn’t have a degree, he was well-known for his many works on herbs and natural healing, and he was born in 1909. His excellent research may be found here if you take the time to click on the link.

Using Cayenne for Wounds outside the Body
  • Relax!
  • Apply a tincture or cayenne pepper immediately to the wound to stop the bleeding.
  • About 10 to 15 seconds later, the bleeding should have stopped completely.
  • Alternatively, use the dropper to infuse cayenne into the wound.

The cayenne tincture should only be used on minor wounds such as cuts and scratches. Call 9-1-1 while dressing the wound with cayenne pepper powder and drinking part of it in a glass of water if the wound is large or dangerous.

Cayenne pepper is a potent styptic agent. Something that has the ability to stop bleeding when administered to a wound. Because it swiftly equalizes blood pressure and initiates coagulation or blood clotting, it can do this. Moreover, it disinfects the wound, alleviating any concerns about the spread of infection.

Cayenne Pepper: Where Can I Find It?

It’s best not to buy cayenne from the supermarket because it’s been highly processed and has lost most of its therapeutic properties. As an alternative, look for a powder with a SHU (Scoville heat units) rating of 90,000. This item is available for purchase online.

Cayenne for Internal Wounds: How to Use Cayenne.

The lungs, stomach, and uterus are all examples of places where this can be used. Heart attacks and Gunshot wounds are among the other common injuries.

  • Warm water with a teaspoon of cayenne pepper
  • Consume the mixture in one gulp
  • Follow these instructions as often as possible—at least once every fifteen minutes.


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