Be careful, images can affect you emotionally.

She passed out in the middle of a supermarket, her young daughter screaming and crying as she touched her mother’s body, which was not moving at all. She holds her hand and keeps trying to pull her mother, but she doesn’t have the strength, the mother stays firmly on the ground, then the little girl tries to lift her head, holds her chin, but to no avail.


It seems that the mother had overdosed on banned substances and her body could no longer bear it. Police have released images to help people understand how dangerous addiction is. The video is shocking at first, then it breaks your heart. It seems that over time, the number of people who die from overdoses is constantly increasing.

The woman was found by an employee who took care to transport her to the hospital. Not enough banned substances have been found in the woman’s possession for her to be imprisoned, but the child will remain in state custody.

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