One of the greatest benefits of stretching is that it acts as a muscle injury prevention factor during physical activity.

It is a way of preparing the body for exercise, leaving it more flexible and expanding the capacity of its movements. After the exercises, its function is to relax the muscles, avoiding pain after the activity.

Why stretching is necessary?

Both a sedentary life and a very intense regular physical activity promote the shortening of muscle fibers, causing them to have less flexibility.

Stretching is nothing more than a set of exercises whose function is to return the muscles to their natural size or to relax the muscles.

With the regular practice of stretching, the muscles better withstand daily stresses and sports, preventing the development of muscle injuries.


Anyone can stretch, regardless of age or fitness. What changes is the intensity: a sedentary person should start with light exercises, increasing the intensity gradually. High-performance athletes can now stretch more. Stretching is a simple activity that can be done anywhere, anytime, and is free.

Benefits of stretching before physical activity

The importance of stretching is due to the many benefits that are derived for health:

  • Reduces the risk of muscle damage;
  • Improves flexibility and range of movements, improving sports performance;
  • Reduces muscle shortening;
  • Improves blood circulation preventing joint problems in the arms, legs and back;
  • Improves motor coordination;
  • Prevents postural problems;
  • Reduce stress.

Practice stretching regularly

Any benefits of regular physical activity will be intensified with proper stretching practice.

Stretching achieves this result by increasing the temperature of the muscles and producing small strains in the layer of connective tissue that covers the muscles.

Regularity and relaxation are mandatory ingredients for a good stretch. Learn to introduce it into your routine. Likewise, we have the advantage that we can stretch while doing other things, such as reading or watching television.


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