On his forehead, this infant boy was born with a beautiful heart-shaped birthmark. It will undoubtedly make him stand out among the other newborns!

Many of us have birthmarks on our bodies from birth. They distinguish us from other people. They’re usually simply small splodges that don’t appear to be anything.

Baby with heartshaped birthmark

However, one lucky little boy from Turkey was born with a distinctive and unusual birthmark in the shape of a heart on his forehead. Murat and Ceyda, his parents, claim that people frequently stop them on the street when they see their kids. They not only have good things to say about him, but some even want to photograph him.

Baby with heartshaped birthmark

According to The Epoch Times, Murat stated that he was the first to notice the birthmark on his son’s skull. When he was born, the nurses started cleaning him up because he had a sweet mark on his forehead. The tot, now four years old, has the same visible heart on his face as he did when he was younger. His parents were ecstatic about the heart-shaped birthmark, which they consider a “gift from God.”

Baby with heartshaped birthmark

Cinar, whom their friends refer to as “love baby,” has his own Instagram account, thanks to his adoring parents. He appears to be a cheerful, contented little creature. Cinar’s Instagram is full of photographs of him and his parents traveling across the world. There is little question that there will be many more in the future.

Baby with heartshaped birthmark
PIC BY MURAT ENGIN / CATERS NEWS – (PICTURED:Adorable baby born with heartshaped birthmark) – Meet the special baby born with a heart shaped birthmark on his forehead. New parents Murat Engin, 30, and his wife Ceyda, 28, couldnt believe their eyes when their Baby Cinar was born with a red mark on his forehead. The tot was such a star in the delivery room that even the nurses took selfies with him. nar, 14 month old is the first in the family with the special love heart mark. And his besotted parents say he has lots of fans who want to stop and snap photos with this love child. SEE CATERS COPY

Birthmarks on the face can make it difficult for children to grow up since they can impact their self-esteem. Topical lotions can be prescribed by doctors to help even out skin tone over time, but other people prefer to embrace their inherent beauty. Experts aren’t sure why some people are born with birthmarks while others aren’t, but it could be because of an overabundance of cells that result in “strawberry marks.”

Cinar’s mark appears to be assisting him in maturing into a happy, well-adjusted little child. His “divine gift” has helped him gain notoriety in his town and at the hospital where he was born. As soon as he walks through the door, doctors and nurses are known to identify him. Follow Cinar’s Instagram profile to stay up to speed with his progress. It’s a slew of adorableness that you won’t want to miss! It may also help you see your own or your child’s birthmarks in a fresh light.

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