Quail eggs has many benefits such as soothe allergies, prevent chronic disease, reduce blood pressure, cleanse the body, improve the metabolism, stimulate growth and repair, boost energy levels and improve vision. They are given from the quail which are having many species. They are taking part of the Galliformes order. These birds are having mid size. They are found in the southern United States, Europe, parts of Asia and North Africa. These eggs are smaller than chicken and duck eggs. But they are used all around the world and also they are sold very well. In the Japanese bento boxes they are eaten three to five eggs in one time because they are small in size. These eggs are having saturated fats. This means that you should consume them in moderation. But these moderation quantities should be done according to the training of medical professionals. You should always crack open one quail egg and enjoy in its taste.

Here are some benefits for health of quail eggs:

Rise energy levels:
It is rich with micronutrients and minerals. Even you think that they are small and do not have any kind of health benefits but they do. In nearly six grams per serving the protein levels in your body are boosted. This is a reason why you should consume them for breakfast. They will improve your mood and energy levels. People who drink coffee or use other stimulants because in this way they regulate their energy levels should start using this. Instead they should start using quail eggs because they are rich with nutrients and proteins that will give them the best results.

Increase metabolism:
It has vitamins from the B – family. They can boost our metabolic activities throughout our body. Here are also included the enzymatic and hormonal functions. This delicious food can help you to have smooth organ functions and bodily processes.


Improve vision:
It has high amounts of Vitamin A. This vitamin can help you to protect the eye health and the vision. It can help you to see better in long period because it can reduce the chances of getting macular degeneration and also you are prevented from the formation of cataracts.

Soothe allergies:
These eggs are rich with ovomucoid protein. These eggs are acting in the body as natural anti – allergenic. If you suffer from inflammation, congestion or other symptoms of allergic reactions, then you should add quail eggs in your diet because your body will function normally.

Prevent chronic disease:
Antioxidants can fight against the free radicals which are a reason for cancer and chronic disease. They have high amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin C which can neutralize the negative effects of the free radicals and they can protect your body.

Cleanse the body:
It is very important for your body to be detoxified. This means that your body should be cleaned from heavy metals, toxins and pollutants. There are many studies in which is proven that if you consume quail eggs, then your blood stream will eliminate the toxins from it. Also these eggs will help you to reduce the size of kidney stones and bladder stones.

Reduce blood pressure:
Potassium is one of the many minerals which are found in the quail eggs. There should be done lot more studies about the cardio – protective effects of these eggs. But we all know that this element is reducing the blood pressure because it acts like vasodilator. It reliefs the stress and strain from our blood vessels and arteries. The number of the potassium levels of quail eggs is bigger compared with the chicken eggs.

Stimulate growth:
We know that our body has many functions which should be done properly. This means that we must consume eggs because they have big amounts of protein. But in this case quail eggs are having higher amounts of proteins compared with the chicken eggs. When proteins are consumed in our body, then they are broken down in their constituent components and reformed for the formation of new cells, blood vessels, arteries, bone, muscle and tissue. The protein levels in the quail eggs will ensure you that you will have normal processes of growth and repair.

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