I believe everyone is aware of the oral routine of brushing our teeth after every meal to get rid of
those stubborn pearly whites. But what if you learnt about another satisfying method of achieving
squeaky clean teeth? What makes everything interesting is that we are going to use easily available
ingredients: hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

Obviously most of use think about a fresh smelling fridge when baking soda and hydrogen peroxide
are mentioned. BELIEVE it – the trick can also work when it comes to cleaning your mouth. I love this
method because it contains for additives or chemicals, it’s affordable and uses readily available
household items.

Let me start by highlighting the ingredients you will need to make the magical plaque-busting mouthwash:

  • salt (1/2 tsp)
    1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide – (1-3% only of drug store)
    warm water (1/2 cup)
    Baking soda (1 TBSP)
    cold water (1 cup)

It is not all about randomly mixing the above ingredients together, you have to keenly follow the
recipe below. While hydrogen peroxide can be god-sent, there are instances where it can mess you
up when it is in large quantities – that why you need to stick to the formula below.

1. Take a small container and mix both baking soda and salt

2. Clean your toothbrush under warm running water and then move the salt-baking soda
mixture in a spiralling or twisting pattern.

3. You can now normally brush your teeth and then when finished you should spit it out

4. At this point you are ready to apply the mouthwash. Mix warm water (1/2 cup) with
hydrogen peroxide (1/2 cup) and then gargle in your mouth for around a minute.

5. Use a toothpick to remove the sticky and hard-to-reach tarter then use cold water to rinse
everything away.

You should repeat this oral care routine at least twice a week. It is important to note that daily
brushing and flossing should not be replaced by this homemade mouthwash- it is meant to be a fun,
economical and fast way of doing away with residual plaque. Wasn’t it easy?
Kindly share your experiences once you use this mouthwash formula. We will also appreciate if you
share your secret recipe below!

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