Because of its efficacy, baking soda has traditionally been a popular traditional homeopathic medicine. It was traditionally used to treat colds, and it is now being used to treat cancer.

Cell regeneration is disrupted whenever one’s body is acidic, which contributes to chronic health problems since the cells can no longer replicate properly. The American diet is particularly suited to creating acidic conditions in today’s world.

The pharmaceutical business does not reveal baking soda’s healing properties. Baking soda has even been found to treat cancer in certain situations.



Children suffer from severe types of asthma that are resistant to systemic corticosteroids and bronchodilators. Studies have discovered that giving baking soda intravenously to children boosts the Partial Pressure of Carbon Dioxide (PCO2) and PH (basic or acidic state) balance.


As a naturally occurring chemical, sodium bicarbonate is particularly effective in neutralizing harmful compounds. Baking soda is a great ally in a time when toxic substances are constantly challenging our bodies. To lower chances of kidney damage, bicarbonate is presently used hand in hand with chemotherapy.


The alkalization of the regions surrounding tumors renders the environment inhospitable for tumor development since tumors feed on an acidic environment and struggle to exist in an alkaline one. It has also been discovered that it improves the anti-tumor efficacy of other anti-cancer medications and prevents cancer recurrence.

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