Everyone likes Nutella, correct? Despite having an excellent taste, it is not at all healthy.

If you regularly consume Nutella on a daily basis, you can possibly experience long-term health problems. What the heck is that? Starting off with ingredients like milk, sugar, hazelnuts, and cocoa, the ingredient list may not seem too horrible, but the problem is that these ingredients have been highly processed to the degree where they lose their nutritional value. Additionally, Nutella is not produced with soy as we normally think rather, it is created with non-fermented soy, which is difficult for our bodies to digest.

If you have never known, you can get up to 200 calories in two tablespoons. Since it is so tasty, you will usually take more tablespoons.


It also contains other undesirable ingredients such as:

  • MSG
  • Palm oil – not easy to digest
  • Vanillin – a sweetener that imitates vanilla

How do I respond to this?

Of course, use a healthy substitute in place of Nutella. Even better, homemade Nutella that is both delicious and healthful may be prepared. You can learn more about the recipe by watching the clip below.

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