I don’t want to spoil anyone’s satisfaction of dietary choices they are happy of, however I feel obligated to dispel the erroneous notion that taking soy is good for your health. Please continue reading if you consume soy products, such as soy milk, and believe that you are benefiting your body.

  1. Large amounts of “anti-nutrients” or natural poisons are present in soy products. Strong enzyme inhibitors that stop the activity of trypsin as well as other enzymes required for protein digestion are among them.
  2. Red blood cells clump together because of a clot-enhancing protein found in soybeans called hemagglutinin.
  3. Soy is one of the foods with the greatest levels of pesticide contamination since it is genetically engineered to some extent (around 99%).
  4. High quantities of phytic acid found in soybeans or soy products prevent zinc, iron, copper, magnesium, and calcium from being assimilated.
  5. High quantities of aluminum, which really is hazardous to the body, are present in soy products. It has been connected to Alzheimer’s disease and has detrimental effects on the kidneys and neurological system.
  6. Goitrogens, which prevent the formation of thyroid hormones, are highly concentrated in soy meals. Consuming soy is linked to a variety of thyroid conditions, including goiter, autoimmune thyroid disease, and hypothyroidism.
  7. Soy carries phytoestrogen, a kind of plant estrogen that interferes with endocrine function and increases the risk of breast cancer and infertility in females.
  8. Genistein and daidzein, two poisonous isoflavones, are present in soy. They may promote the spread of breast cancer if it is already existent in the body.
  9. For infants, soy is terrible! Mothers who opt to use soy formula for their newborns or who are instructed to do so endanger them. The quantity of phytoestrogens that a day’s infant formula has is equivalent to five birth control tablets, claims Mary G. Enig, Ph.D. Your babies are at risk for hormone issues later in life as a result.

On the contrary, fermented soy presents a different case! Think of miso, soy sauce, and tempeh. Most of the toxic anti-nutrients are driven out of fermented soy, which has health-promoting characteristics. Take in moderation, as with anything!

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