Pain Relieving Cabbage Leaves

Fresh cabbage’s leaves act like a magnet, drawing illnesses from the human body. Discover more and receive this logical and affordable treatment.

You won’t be eating cabbage this time; instead, you’ll be using its leaves externally.

The following are a number of reasons to use cabbage leaves.

  1. They treat swelling from a number of injuries

If you hurt your leg or arm and the area starts to swell, place a cabbage leaf on right away. To keep the leaf stationary, fasten it with using a scarf or bandage.

Fresh cabbage is frequently used externally.

Put some cabbage leaves as a compress on your injured ankle or any localized discomfort and keep it well-attached throughout the night.

The leaf will seem depleted the next morning as its fluids are absorbed through the epidermis.

  1. Cabbage leaves can help if your thyroid gland is malfunctioning

Because the thyroid gland hormones encourage the development, metabolism, and interchange of chemicals, it explains how important it is.  They also assist the digestive system’s organs in their function.


Thyroid hyperfunction: Whenever the thyroid starts to create extreme amounts of growth hormones in order adjust the rate of metabolism, the condition is known as thyroid hyperfunction.

Placing some cabbage leaves around the neck and throat can reduce the Hyper-function. To stop them from falling off, fasten using a scarf.

It must be kept until the next morning.

  1. A really bad headache

Should you develop a severe headache, there is a possibility you’re having an issue with your eyes. Therefore, you must visit your doctor.

Use cabbage leaves to treat headaches that are stress- or fatigue-related and unrelated to ocular issues. To stop them from sliding, cover them with a cap or scarf. Put them on the sides and the forehead.

  1. Breast pain

It truly works miraculously to treat breast-feeding-related inflammation, swollen glands, mastitis, and various types of discomfort in the breast. Sometimes kids bite their breast-feeding mothers forcing them to use pumps to extract milk. Such bites cause intolerable pain or discomfort.

To ease the discomfort, place some shredded cabbage on the leaves and some fresh cabbage leaves into your bra. The huge leaves are layered on the breast first, followed by the shredded cabbage, and the bra holds them in place tightly after that. Not tightly wound, though.

To prevent the grated cabbage from dropping, the leaves ought to be wide enough to accommodate the breast. The remainder is handled by the bra. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE PAIN; KEEP OVERNIGHT and the pain will be gone for sure. You will see a difference after doing this each night for seven days.

  1. Fresh cabbage leaves can treat varicose veins

Cabbage leaves are an effective treatment for varicose veins that cause discomfort, itching, or heavy legs.

Rebind them so they won’t fall.

  1. Ear pain

Simply place some cabbage leaves over the ear, and the discomfort will eventually go away.

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