The concentrated version of apricot kernels, which is also known as vitamin B17, has several health advantages if used correctly.

The American Cancer Society, the Food and Drug Administration, and the American Medical Association have sought to discourage individuals from publishing books, creating videos, and holding public meetings on the great anticancer potential of vitamin B17.

Medical practitioners who tried to save millions of lives by administering this vitamin were also punished.

However, one lady had been trying to save her own life by utilizing this vitamin to treat her disease. Her illness went into remission as soon as she began using this cure. When she stopped taking the vitamin, cancer returned.


Chemotherapy wasn’t an option for the lady since she understood she could treat it herself using vitamin B17. She had tremendous improvements in only ten weeks, and the physicians were astounded by her progress.

Because of the woman’s regular vitamin B17 supplementation, the five cancerous tumors were eliminated. In addition, she could maintain the cancer-free lifestyle she had always wanted.

More details on the case may be seen in the video below.

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