The first sign that anything is amiss with your major organ is when it begins to exhibit any of these symptoms. They often go undetected. There might be something more serious going on under your skin. According to Chinese medicine, when you have these symptoms, your body is showing signs of an imbalance from within. A change in skin, pimples, or rashes is among the symptoms you should watch out for.

Forehead -> Small Intestine and Bladder

Slow digestion is caused by consuming too many fats and processed foods, excessive alcohol, sweets, and staying up late, as well as a lack of exercise.

Cure: Eat a lot of raw food, drink a lot of water, and avoid drinking alcohol.

Between the eyebrows -> Liver

Symptoms: Your stomach doesn’t get enough rest because it is overworking. You consume a lot of meat and may have food allergies.

Cure: A diet high in whole foods, fresh air, and activities like yoga, quick walking, and meditation are all suggested.

Eyebrow arch -> Kidneys

As a result of excessive cigarette and alcohol use; poor blood flow; weakened heart

The remedy is drinking a lot of water and avoiding coffee, sugary drinks, and alcohol. Make sure you’re not dehydrated.

Nose -> Heart

A swollen stomach, poor circulation, closed rooms, gasses, and polluted air. High blood pressure can also lead to some of these health issues.


Cure: Keep an eye on your blood pressure and triglyceride levels. Toxins may be flushed from your system with organic green tea. Exercising can also enhance a healthy lifestyle.

The upper part of the cheeks -> Lungs

Cause: Pollution, asthma, and smoking are all factors.

In some cases, dark circles may develop around your eyes.

Treatment: Avoid breathing polluted air and smoking. If you’re a smoker, you should immediately end it. Start doing some physical exercise.

Cheeks -> Lungs and Kidneys

It’s caused by smoking, stress, and a diet rich in sugar and junk food.

Getting rid of unhealthy eating and utilizing high-quality cosmetics is the solution.

Mouth and chin -> Stomach

Foods high in sugar, fat, and stimulants, such as alcohol and caffeine, are to blame. After eating a lot of seasoned food, this area is the most impacted. It can be due to a lack of enough sleep or stress.

Dietary changes may assist restore your body’s natural state. Consume a lot of fruits. The doctor should be contacted if the condition persists.

Jaw and neck -> Hormones

Insufficient water intake, salty meals, and spices are all contributing factors. Too much caffeine might also be in the body.

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