It is important to know that selfish CEOs rule our world. Our food supply currently contains so many poisonous substances that it’s difficult to even tell what is healthy.

The health effects of processed foods are bad. They are creating a rapid deterioration in the general public’s health since they are loaded with dangerous substances like fructose corn syrup. Additionally, they are loaded with artificial substances that were never intended for consumption. They are synthetic compounds that they add to food in order to reduce the cost of production. They have preservatives, which are substances that keep food from spoiling. Chemicals called flavorings and colorants are used to alter the flavor and color of food. Last but not least, processed foods have additional chemicals called texturants added to them to change their texture. It goes without saying that these foods detrimental to people’s health.

Doritos chips, one of the most eaten foods in America, are highly processed and have lately been connected to cancer as well as other illnesses. Our health is increasingly deteriorating due to processed foods. For instance, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the USA, and the number of cancer cases is increasing. Because of the large quantities of cancer-causing toxins that food companies like Doritos sell across the world, they make profits and at the same time get away with their evil.

There are several ingredients in Doritos that are harmful to your health. They start out with corn that has undergone genetic modification. They have poisonous insecticides in them that damage your body. They eventually cause the deterioration of your immune system, liver, and other crucial organs.


The Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT) claims that:

According to “many animal studies,” eating GMO food poses substantial health hazards such as infertility, accelerated aging, immune system issues, improper insulin control, and alterations to the digestive system and key organs.

Additionally, unhealthy colorants and dyes that are damaging to your health are included in Doritos. Yellows #5 and #6 are present in Doritos and have been linked to cancer, allergies, and hyperactivity. There is evidence that Red #40 harms DNA. Children who were exposed to it had cancer, hives, hyperactivity, and mouth swelling. Another common ingredient found in processed foods is maltodextrin. It is a chemical sweetener created from cornstarch, however it was normally linked to genetically modified maize.

The presence of corn syrup solids in a number of the processed foods is one of the key causes of the obesity epidemic in the United States. It causes weight gain, high blood triglyceride levels, metabolic disruption, and cardiac disease. The mere fact that food tastes nice does not mandate that you consume it. Chemicals are added to the dish to make it tasty and addicting.

Make your own healthier versions of these Doritos recipes in place of the unhealthy ones!

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