Discover this delicious and refreshing cinnamon tea with orange, a delicious and perfect drink to incorporate into diets to lose weight, in addition to providing other benefits to the body, which will keep it healthy by helping to purify it.

The cinnamon infusion is used as a natural remedy for the stomach, as it contains active ingredients that provide these benefits. In addition, it has detoxifying properties, which together with the antioxidants it contains, can be used as a natural remedy to lose weight.

On the other hand, oranges contain a lot of calcium, necessary for the formation of bones and teeth, and potassium, a mineral that is necessary for the balance of fluids in the body. In its richness in potassium, together with its high water content and its low sodium level, which makes this fruit a very suitable food in diets to lose weight.

Oranges have few calories, are very diuretic and help eliminate fluids from the body, so they are very suitable for the treatment of obesity and fluid retention. Both ingredients are ideal for getting the body to act in favor of weight loss.

A delicious cinnamon tea to lose weight

In addition, you can consume this tea to regulate blood glucose, and control levels of LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol. Let’s see how you can prepare this rich cinnamon and orange tea.


  • 5 cups of water.
  • 1 cup of orange juice.
  • Peel of an orange.
  • 1 cinnamon stick.
  • 2 green tea bags.
  • 1-2 tablespoons stevia, or to taste.
  • Orange slices to decorate.
  • Cinnamon stick.
  • Ice cubes.

How to prepare it:

  1. Combine the water, orange juice, orange zest, cinnamon sticks, and tea bags on a tray.
  2. Bring to a boil, then remove from heat.
  3. Add the stevia, and then let it cool.
  4. Strain the liquid and transfer to a pitcher.
  5. Keep in the refrigerator until completely cold.
  6. Serve in a pitcher with orange slices, a cinnamon stick, and ice.



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