Did you know there is more that coconut oil can do to your body- especially when you are using the right brand? If you have lost weight or during post-pregnancy, you might have developed stretch marks. Using this raw oil can help in the treatment of stretch marks.

Coconut oil has hydration properties that help in softening the skin. Vitamins K and E are also contained in the oil – which assist in healing and moisturizing the skin. Vitamin K can also help in preventing wrinkles and when it combines with iron, it can lead to the formation of new cells. You also benefit from the protection against free radical when you take Vitamin E. AS time goes by, the stretch marks fade.

Using organic or virgin coconut oil is highly recommended since it has not gone through any form of refining. You need to apply the oil immediately you leave the shower and do it 1-3 times daily.

You can watch the clip below and learn more on how coconut oil treats stretch marks.

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