Kidneys purify the blood from the waste material which is then discharged through the urethra. These organs are located along the posterior muscular wall of the abdominal cavity, or in the retroperitoneal space starting from the last thoracic vertebra to the second lumbar vertebra.

Kidneys are bean-shaped organs and their main function is to maintain the homeostasis or constancy in your body. They are the main executive organ in the body.

The most common diseases associated with the kidneys are: disease of the urinary tract, urinary channels, crystals, inflammation of the kidneys, urethra, bladder, problems with urination, urinary tract problems, inflammation of the urinary tract, prostate, kidney stones, kidney sand, night urination, kidney failure, increased level of creatinine, uric acid (kidneys sand, renal stones, inflammation, sediment).


Disruption of their function can cause a long list of visible symptoms such as:

  • — changes in the urine
  • — swelling
  • — dizziness and vomiting
  • — anemia and concentration problems
  • — feeling cold most of the time
  • — loss of breath
  • — fatigue
  • — itchy skin
  • — bad breath
  • — pain in the legs and waist

If you have any of these symptoms consult your doctor immediately

Have you ever wondered what causes kidney failure?

The answer always lies in our bad habits and insufficient health care. We have listed the top 10 bad habits that damage your kidneys:

  • — delayed emptying of the bladder
  • — insufficient consumption of water and fluids
  • — consuming too much salt
  • — improper and untimely treatment of infections
  • — consuming too much meat
  • — poor nutrition
  • — excessive use of analgesics
  • — untimely use of prescribed medicines to improve the function of the kidneys
  • — consuming large amounts of alcohol
  • — fatigue
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