We have witnessed weird social media trends in the recent past and it seems the trend will not end any time soon. Below you are about to witness a questionable diet trend which those with a weak stomach are highly discouraged from trying.

Believe it or not – people have gone as far as eating rotten meat. A person will go out there and purchase some meat and let it rot – in some cases up to a year – and then eat it. The reason behind that is to acquire some level of “highness”. These is for those who prefer to feel some flood of happiness without the worry of getting unwell.

According to what has been discussed in some Reddit boards, the more rotten the meat is, the better the results. One Twitter use with the username @superloafcat shared screenshots of a person revealing the positives of the “high meat”.

I can’t imagine people taking raw rotten meat with the possibility of being exposed to all kinds of bacteria – E. coli, shigella, and salmonella. One is also likely to be a victim of food poisoning, vomiting, botulism, dehydration, intestinal damage, and uncomfortable bowel movements.

It is believe the highness caused by eating rancid meat is as a result of getting exposed to various bacteria within it. Do you know someone who has tried this? Is it the first time you are hearing about this? Kindly let us know what you think about everything!

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