When an adult loses a tooth, often dentures or dental implants are used to replace this tooth. This can be painful and expensive. Researchers are seeking a better way to improve the possibilitieswhen it comes to replacing a tooth, and they are finding that there is a possibility that modern technology can assist in growing our own teeth back.

Dr. Mao’s Research

Dr. Jeremy Mao is the lead researcher at Columbia University for this fascinating new dental approach. Dr. Mao is using stem cells from a person’s body to create a scaffold to grow the new tooth upon. He then uses the person’s DNA to regenerate the new teeth. This opens up a world of possibility when it comes to dental care. This means that rather than having a tooth extracted in a painful and messy way, your dentist would be able to help your teeth grow back in about nine weeks.


While this dental procedure is still being studied and is not available to dental patients yet, it highlights that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for people with failing teeth. This is a very amazing discovery that is sure to update the world of dentistry.

“Your missing tooth is being replaced with stem cells, from your own body. And the tooth merges with the surrounding tissue. Yes, it’s simple as that! This will increase the regeneration process and it will result in fast recovery.”

This is news is excellent, promising and provides new hope especially for those who are missing a tooth.

The procedure itself is still being studied and it is not yet available to the masses, however as the story develops we will update the article.

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