Picture yourself in the following scenario: It is spring, and you are at the beach. The water’s top has just begun to melt due to the warm weather, but the water beneath the surface is still chilly.  As soon as you see this, you still go ahead and dive into the water.

What occurs to your skin and body as a whole? Are you at ease or tense?

We all know that hot water opens pores, but when it is cold it closes them. Your digestive system is also restricted when you drink cold water.

What are the effects of drinking cold water?

Your blood vessels contract when you consume cold water, which affects both your digestion and hydration.


The body shifts its focus to regulating the body’s temperature and does not create energy normally. It may lead to loosing water.

Excess mucus is created by the body when cold water is taken after a meal. This negatively affects your immune system and make one vulnerable to illnesses such as cold.

The cold temperature that is created by drinking cold water after or during meals makes body fat to solidify. As a result, removing or digesting the fat becomes difficult.

How you benefit by drinking warm water:

  • It boosts the removal of toxins from the body through the lymphatic system, kidneys, and skin. As a result, blood is purified.
  • Promotes bowel movement
  • It promotes food breakdown
  • Enhances hydration

Some have also said that it can control sugar cravings



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