Sometimes we want to lighten our recipes, however, egg intolerance and allergy can really be a puzzle when it comes to readjusting traditional dishes. How can we prepare a cake without eggs? But, on the other hand, if it comes to salty and sweet recipes, eggs are not 100% essential and there are several substitutes that we can use.

The 10 egg substitutes for your recipes

Therefore, here are tips to replace eggs without losing the essence of your recipes.


Tofu is one of the substitutes that vegetarians and vegans know all too well.

Admittedly, this healthy ingredient is very practical and adapts to all culinary situations. This Asian ingredient has a neutral flavor and is similar in texture to eggs. Therefore, tofu is especially recommended for the preparation of creamy desserts and other pastries.

Tofu can also be used to prepare a delicious mayonnaise that will accompany several of your favorite dishes. In addition, like the egg, it is very rich in protein.

Agar agar

You can choose agar agar to use in your recipes. In fact, these algae that are sold in powder form can solve your problems if you do not have eggs or if you have difficulty digesting them.

Gratin, jellies and more salty recipes where agar agar can perfectly replace eggs.

Especially because it has a very discreet taste, color and smell; and it is also ideal to replace egg whites (in meringues, chocolate mousse).


If you are a fan of lightness, you will be delighted with yogurt, especially when it is natural.

The plain yogurt gives a smoother texture, and finer your cakes and other pastry preparations.

Simply replace all the eggs listed in a recipe with plain yogurt for smooth preparations that will make your taste buds happy.

Corn starch

We didn’t think about it enough and yet cornstarch acts as a binder just like eggs. The approximate equivalent to an egg can be replaced by 2 tablespoons of cornstarch also known as cornstarch.

All you have to do now is check your multiplication table to calculate the number of spoons you will need;


Using bananas as substitutes for eggs? You will have to dare to replace the egg with this fruit. Just mash them to get a consistent batter. Your cake will have a crispy crust with a fluffy interior.


In the same way to form the dough, you can use a date puree. Just try to reduce the amount of sugar in your recipe, the banana is already quite sweet.

Egg substitute

You can also buy prepared egg substitutes that are sold in specialty and health food stores. Most of these substitutes consist of a mixture of several ingredients: cornstarch, potato starch, thickeners, and emulsifiers.

Can also make t us own mixes with tablespoons of soybean milk powder, corn starch and water to make your cakes.

Mashed potatoes

Who in his kitchen does not have a lot of potatoes nearby? L Papa is an excellent alternative to inflate breads and pastries, maintaining a certain softness.

On the other hand, it is definitely a substitute that brings many health benefits.

Vegetable flours

Use vegetable flours to give different flavors to your preparations.

To replace the eggs, choose  a vegetable flour made with chickpeas, ideal for making omelets without eggs, or a lupine flour, yellow enough to give your buns and other cakes a golden hue.

These flours will make your recipes particularly tasty.

Cream of rice or cereals

Its texture resembles flour, but when you mix it with water and a little milk, it turns into a cream to form your preparations. You can prepare pancakes, cauliflower gratin, pasta, etc.

This vegetable cream is marketed in organic stores.

Flax seeds

These little seeds are great egg substitutes for making pancakes, muffins, and cookies. We can replace the eggs with crushed or ground flax seeds and soaked in water. What happens is that a slimy mixture is formed very similar to beaten eggs.

Also, flax seeds are great for your health due to their high omega 3 content.

As you could already read, these are alternatives and substitutes for eggs that will add flavor to your dishes, and will also help you avoid allergies to eggs.

It is worth mentioning that if you suffer from diabetes, or some type of autoimmune disease, it will be preferable to consult other sections to replace eggs, such as the list of foods for diabetics, or other special options for people with autoimmune problems.


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