For years, we have been about the many benefits of coconut oil. However, the big pharmaceutical companies now want us to believe that this wonder oil is one big health problem waiting to happen. Before you rush out and throw all of your coconut oil down the drain, continue reading to learn more about why these studies are flawed and should not always be believed.

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It is well documented that the major players in both the pharmaceutical and food industries collude together to issue health warnings and reports. When it comes to coconut oil, we already know that there are many documented benefits. The oil can be used as a beauty product. It also has medicinal value and contains many helpful nutritional components. All that seems to have gone out of the window with the issuance of a recent report by the American Heart Association. This study says that coconut oil is not as good for us as originally thought. Where does this information come from? It was the result of a study conducted by a company that manufactures canola oil, which is a major competitor to coconut oil. This creates bias right from the start.

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This particular study alludes to the fact that canola oil effectively lowers cholesterol levels in humans, but it does not talk about the fact that oil is genetically modified and that it contains a great deal of erucic acid. This is a type of fatty acid that lead to heart disease. How can this oil now be promoted over coconut oil? Only through the power of big pharma and the giants of the food industry is this possible.



The entire premise of this study is focused on lower LDL cholesterol levels in the blood. However, doing so would only reduce the risk of heart problems by 25%. On the whole, coconut oil still has many health benefits that should not be ignored. While you might not want to drink it by the bottle, you can continue to have a dose every now and then with confidence that you are doing your body good.


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