Lemon juice contains flavonoids. Those contain antioxidant and also cancer fighting properties.
It prevents diabetes, high blood pressure, fever constipation, indigestion and many other problems, improves the skin, hair, and teeth.

American Urological Association studies highlight one fact that lemonade or lemon juice eliminates kidney stones by forming urinary citrate that prevents formation of crystals.

8 problems that lemon water solves much better than pills:

1. Weight Loss

New studies show many ways lemon juice supports our goals. It contains pectin which is a fiber that aids in weight-loss struggles.

2. Problems with skin

Lemon juice is full of antioxidants helping get rid of blemishes or wrinkles, age spots and scars. As well as cleaning your blood and makes your skin looking radiant.

3. Detoxification

Potent detoxifier mixed with water is prescribed for several types of fasts, cleanses, renewals, and detoxes.

4. Bowel Movements

Lemons is rich of plant fiber called pectin fiber – that helps with regular bowel movements also keeping the colon clean, and always work as a potent anti-bacterial.

5. Imbalanced pH

Taking glass of warm lemon water in the morning help you reset pH, and make more alkaline pH. All that is because even though lemon juice is acidic it creates alkaline environment in body.

6. Digestive Issues

Helps with digestion encouraging production of bile.

7. Overgrowth of Bacteria

Stops bacteria in multiplying and growing

8. Inflammation & Pain

Lemon helps in Pain & inflammation in the joints particularly the knees and It helps dissolve uric acid. It is fantastic cure for older people.

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