No one can think about rice water when thoughts of healthy foods come into mind. Surprisingly, rice water is associated with many health benefits, something which has made it to be classified as a superfood.

In Asia, those who want an energetic start early in the morning are served with rice water. There are also other reasons why you should include rice water in your diet.


  1. Prevents dehydration

According to some research done by Lancet, it works as an effective electrolyte solution for those who are already dehydrated and can also prevent dehydration.


  1. Treats diarrhea

When compared to the glucose-electrolyte solution, the weak start solution that we obtain after boiling rice is exponentially better.


  1. Boosts energy

It can act as an all natural energy drink. If you want to boost your energy levels, boil some rice and drink the water (8 oz).


  1. Can cure stomach pains

Symptoms of gastroenteritis such as diarrhea and stomach pains can be cured by rice water. You only need to boil the rice and the electrolyte filled solution.



  1. Enhances hair growth

Before rinsing your hair with shampoo, begin by doing it with rice water. Never condition the hair, you just need to use rice water to rinse it before using more water to do the rinsing. If you do this twice weekly, the results will be amazing.


  1. Dandruff treatment

After washing your hair, use rice water to rinse it to get rid of dandruff symptoms.


  1. Can treat Acne

Use a cotton ball and rice water to treat your acne.


  1. Can prevent Gastroenteritis

Gastroenterology issues can be prevented by drinking rice water.


If you have cooked rice, then you know it is obvious to remain with rice water. For you to have enough water, you need to add more water than usual when cooking your rice. Remember not to season before you harvest the boiling water. You can cool it and store it for a number of days.

Other benefits associated with rice water include: prevention of cancer, reducing blood pressure, and treatment of viral infections. Though research to back all these cannot be substantiated, its benefits are far more amazing compared to those of expensive drugs.
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