It is not a secret that lemons contain a powerhouse of vitamin C, potassium, and pectin fiber; therefore, one can attain an uncountable number of benefits from squeezing an entire lemon into a cup of water and opting sip on it throughout the day or guzzle it down at one shot .

1. Improves Digestion
Lemon juice helps to unclog your body from waste and promotes bile in the body, which will makeit feel reenergize.

2. It Balances pH Levels
Believe it or not, lemon is one of the top alkaline foods on the market. When you add more alkaline to your diet, your body is basically given a boost to rejuvenate, heal, fight, and repair itself.


3. Kicks Coffee Habits to the Curb
As you might already be aware, coffee’s cons outweigh its pros. For this reason, cutting back on it is something that any coffee lover should consider. If you intake it on a daily basis, adding lemon juice to your diet can help you kick this habit.

4. Weight-Loss Buster
If your goal is to lose those extra pounds that seem to get the best of you every time you look in the mirror but you are out of balance, then it will certainly be a difficult task getting rid of them. How to attain balance? Opt for a more alkaline diet! In addition to helping you with balance, drinking lemon juice can help you have less hunger throughout the day, as it contains pectin fiber.

5. Vitamin C & Potassium Powerhouse
As previously mentioned, lemons are replete with vitamin C, which help boost the immune system. In addition, it is also high in potassium, which can stimulate nerve and brain function, as well as control blood pressure, increase red blood cell production, and reduce free radicals. Drinking lemon juice will basically help you attain clearer skin, energy, anti-aging properties, less stress, less sickness, and help you be more focused.
If you want to experience these benefits in your life, don’t hesitate giving lemon juice a try. It is not a quick fix, as you’ll have to drink it on a daily basis to see any of the results previously mentioned.


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