Unfortunately, many individuals throughout the globe have bacteria in their gut – which is very dangerous. These bacteria may cause numerous ailments, and the therapy for eradicating them is quite complex. Well, that is the major reason we’re teaching you how to prepare this potent 2-ingredient treatment, which helps eliminate them! As we stated, you need two basic ingredients – olive oil and figs! Yes, you heard it right – olive oil and figs form a finest cure for germs in the stomach. The experts believe that the recipe that originated from the coastal regions; it’s an excellent natural & safe therapy for lots of health disorders, including stomach difficulties, hemorrhoids, high cholesterol, constipation, anemia, asthma, infertility, and bronchitis. Some people believe that this natural cure can help one become pregnant.

Did you know that figs are rich in calcium which is an ideal option for treating individuals allergic to dairy products? Well, certainly, and you should also know that they are high in dietary fiber, and due to this, they might have a laxative effect. And they’re beneficial in aiding weight reduction too. Figs are also a fantastic potassium source that helps control blood pressure and other critical biological processes. They possess Omega 3 and 6, which aid in preventing coronary heart attacks and maintaining blood pressure.


Figs also have a large quantity of Vitamin C that assists in brightening and leveling out one’s skin tone. Also, they are filled with anti-oxidants which offer you beautiful and healthy skin. Figs are rich in vitamin B6, which is known to be effective in reducing morning sickness.


  • Dried figs, 40 pieces
  • Olive oil


  • First, put the figs in a jar and add olive oil to fill the container.
  • Close it and store it for 40 days; throughout these days, you will notice that the figs absorb olive oil
  • Consume one fig just before a meal. The results will surprise you.


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