As it seems, Japanese people have a rather effective way of treating and healing sicknesses and injuries. The treatment I’m about to explain to you will benefit you in quite a few different ways.

This healing technique only takes five minutes, definitely worth trying out. Japanese experts have mentioned that they believe every finger is connected to two separate body organs. This is known as the Shin Jitsu system and is said to be very powerful. Stimulating these points will help to balance emotions and in term help you physically and emotionally.


How do you do this technique?

You hold a finger (which organ depends on which finger) tightly for five whole minutes and breathe in deeply. Massage both hands.

What fingers represent which organs?

  • Thumb- Stomach and Spleenwort (you need to focus on this one if you’re experiencing stomach pain or headaches the emotions associated are anxiety and depression)
  • Index finger- Urinary Bladder and Kidneys (common symptoms are back pain and digestion issues)
  • Middle finger- Liver (symptoms include migraines and menstrual pain)
  • Ring finger- Large Intestine and Lungs (symptoms include asthma and skin issues)
  • Pinky finger- Small Intestine and Heart (symptoms include throat pain and bone issues)

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