As an author, Ann Cameron has written a number of children’s books, but this is a true story where she happens to be the main character. It was after she shared her story that featured her struggles with cancer that she gained a lot of popularity.

Back in June 2012, she was operated once it was confirmed that the disease was in its 3rd stage. This was not the first time she was experiencing the effects of the cruel disease. In 2005, she had lost her husband who had suffered from lung cancer. Not even the chemotherapy he had undergone could save him.

Ann was not ready to go through the same process like her husband and had refused doing so despite being advised by doctors.

She went ahead and shared her story on “Chris beats cancer,” a blog where those who have found or sought for different ways of dealing with cancer share their stories.

On the blog, she narrated how she had undergone a surgery to deal with the colon cancer that she was suffering from. She went ahead and revealed that she had refused to go for chemotherapy and how the disease had spread to the lungs after only 6 months and how it entered its 4th stage.


As opposed to losing hope, she kept on researching for alternative ways of curing herself. That’s when she came across Ralph Cole’s story. Cole who was 26 years of age when he was found to be suffering from skin cancer consumed carrot juice on a daily basis which was prepared from carrots that weighed 2.5kg. Finally, Cole was cured.

She then decided to follow the same routine and started drinking carrot juice on a daily basis and ensured she spread the doses evenly within the day.

Eight weeks down the line, it was found out that her cancer had stopped spreading to other parts and the tumors as well as the lymph glands which had developed within her had started shrinking.

Another four months down the line, her cancer continued retreating and her glands returned to normal. Eight months later, she underwent computed tomography and scans showed that she was completely healed.

Carrot juice contains natural pesticide anticancer properties, fatty alcohol as well as carotene which prevents the development of tumor cells.


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