The late actor’s wife, Patrick Swayze, has refuted outrageous allegations that she repeatedly hit her husband throughout their marriage, even while battling cancer.

Before losing his fight with pancreatic illness in September 2009 at the age of 57, the Dirty Dancing actor was married to Lisa Niemi, his former dance partner, for 34 years.


The couple, who were only 15 when they first met, were thought to have one of Hollywood’s healthiest and happiest marriages.


The actor, who also starred in the movie Ghost, is said to have been the victim of domestic violence, according to an unidentified source who RadarOnline describes as a longtime friend of the couple.

Additionally, according to the friend, when the actor was nearing the end of his cancer treatment, Niemi would frequently ignore him while Don, his primary caregiver, was away, leaving Swayze to languish in filthy clothes.


Niemi has vehemently refuted the allegations, saying to MailOnline: “It is totally wrong.” It really is that easy.


Following what they claimed to be a year-long investigation, the unnamed friend said to RadarOnline: “She (Niemi) would beat on him and he would pound on the walls and furniture.” They quarreled, and I hid a lot of it. They wrecked hotels, automobiles, and their home. It was violent.


The friend allegedly replied, “Oh yes, it didn’t matter,” when asked whether Niemi would strike Swayze throughout his 21-month battle with cancer. Instead of hitting him with objects, she would rip at his arms and neck with her claws. She would slap him and hit him.


Cancer reduced his weight from 180 to 90 pounds. He never hit her, so she always had the advantage. He firmly believed that he should never touch her.

According to the buddy, Niemi would dictate to Swayze how much money he could spend, which friends he could see, and what acting roles he could accept.


Charlotte Stevens, a childhood friend of Swayze’s, reportedly claimed to have persuaded the actor to leave Niemi after he supposedly discovered the actress had affairs with both men and women.


“You mean to tell me she’s having these affairs and you haven’t stepped out on her?” I would ask him, she continued. “No, I don’t want it used against me,” he would respond.


But Niemi’s representative claimed to Gossip Cop on Tuesday that her client was unaware of Charlotte Stevens.


Before landing his breakthrough role in the coming-of-age film Dirty Dancing in 1987, Swayze and Niemi were married in 1975.


Alongside Demi Moore, he also appeared in the films Ghost, Point Break, and the supernatural drama Donnie Darko.


The actor was given a pancreatic cancer diagnosis in early 2008, but he passed away in September 2009. The couple didn’t have any kids.


In December 2013, four years after her husband’s passing, Niemi made an announcement about her engagement to jeweler Albert DePrisco.


In front of 50 guests, the pair exchanged vows in May 2014 at the Mar-a-Largo Club in Palm Beach.


Niemi wore an Oscar de la Renta gown, while DePrisco, 58, wore a dinner jacket by Ermenegildo Zegna with tailored slacks.

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