While we’re not thinking of age 40 as being too old, it’s important to realize that our body’s functions slowly start to deteriorate at that point. One of the systems that takes the hardest blow is our metabolism. It’s a system that houses numerous physical and chemical processes, and is essential for our health.

Unfortunately, it tends to go slow at around the age of 40. Its pace is controlled by our hormones and nervous system, which also tend to get slower at that point of our lives. Doctors are not exactly sure why it happens. Some consider it a natural deterioration, others believe it’s a case of the so-called ‘shrinking muscle syndrome’. In short, it means losing muscle over the age of 40 and gaining the lost weight in fat. That’s why it’s harder to lose weight over that age.

Unless you know of a few tricks, and in this article, we have the top for you.

What is Metabolism?

Before we delve further, let’s say a few things about the human metabolism. The term describes a set of life-sustaining chemical reactions that convert energy to food many cellular processes in our bodies need. It also converts food to protein, nucleid acids, and other building blocks that keep our body running properly.

Our metabolism plays a huge role in our overall health. It tends to slow down after the age of 40, but luckily for you, we have a few tips that can optimize it. According to many experts, our metabolism can be boosted in numerous ways. Leading a healthy lifestyle is essential, of course, although other stuff can improve its performance as well.

You don’t need to succumb to the standards of a slower metabolism once you get to the age of 40. With our tips and tricks, you can improve how it works and give it a jolt of energy that will help you live a great life as you age.

Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Over 40

Healthy Lifestyle

If you want to keep your metabolism in tip-top shape, you should exercise regularly over the age of 40. Pair it with a healthy diet and you’ll have no trouble keeping your metabolism running smoothly.

Make sure you’re eating a plant-based diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Most experts recommend plenty of fruits as well as dairy products. Stay away from white bread, sugar, and a lot of carbs. Your alcohol intake should also be reduced.

Stay Hydrated

If you don’t stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, your body (metabolism included) won’t be able to run like it should. Water is essential for all the processes in our bodies, and we need over 3 l. per day, which amounts to 8 glasses of water or something close.

Drink more if you can, but don’t exceed 5 l. of water per day – it may have adverse effects.

Make Sure You Sleep Enough

Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night after the age of 40 to keep your metabolism in check. Even better, make sure your sleep-wake up schedule is always on point. Get to bed later, don’t drink coffee or alcohol before it, and you’ll wake up fully refreshed and ready for the challenges ahead, even after 40.

Add Protein and Fiber to Your Diet

Adding more protein and fiber to your diet after the age of 40 will keep your metabolism running smooth. It will also improve your digestion which will help with weight loss. Pair this with regular exercise, and you won’t have to worry about your metabolism being slow.

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