At first glance, maybe a chicken thorn seems harmless, but it is actually capable of aggravating the lives of those affected.

This terrifying “hole” occurs on the skin of your hands or feet, and initially annoy only with its appearance

If you look good, you’ll notice black dots. They are actually stubble thorns.

If you do not take urgent measures, these holes are beginning to increase and the disease progresses

Usually, those affected do not pay as much attention to what is happening, but only until the place becomes painful.

Then the pain is unbearable and the need for urgent action. Hen thorn does not hurt only when walking (if it is on the leg), but also in a state of rest.


So, at first glance, the harmless entity is becoming a real hell, of which there seems to be no deliverance. Change this right now!

Domestic tricks for thorns removal

With garlic: everyone has it at home, therefore it is not difficult to start a treatment with its help even at this moment. Prepare garlic slurries.

The paste is spread directly to the affected skin of chicken thorn. It remains this way throughout the night, and the procedure is repeated in 3 consecutive evenings (at least).

Important: With garlic, you are also at risk of killing your healthy skin. To prevent this from occurring, you must apply a protective agent on it.

In this case, all ointments that create a film coating are particularly suitable. You can use vegetable oil or a mask for beauty

With formic acid: it will help the chicken thorn fall alone. However, before you drop from formic acid on the affected area, you need to place your hand or foot in a basin filled with warm water.

When you drop from formic acid, put a patch and spend the night with it. Continue every night until you remove the thorn.

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