When we speak of Hollywood lovebirds who prove wrong the theory that celebs don’t stay together for long, the first couple that comes to mind are Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel. They have been together for many years and both believe that the key to long lasting relationship is that they have never tied the knot.

“We have done just perfectly without marrying. I already feel devoted, and isn’t that what marriage is supposed to do?” Goldie told Woman’s Day in 2007.

Kurt and Goldie first met on the set of The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band in 1966. Back then, however, it seemed there was no chemistry between them, probably because of the fact that Goldie was 21 and Kurt was still a teenager. From that movie on, both went on to have extremely successful careers.

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“I thought he was adorable, but he was much too young,” Goldie said. “Then, years later we met up again, and I remembered that I liked him very much when I first met him. We both said we would never go out with another actor so it just shows you never can tell.”

Years later, during the filming of Swing Shift together, they both knew that was it. They were simply meant for each other.

This time, the charming and handsome Russell tried to impress Hawn with the pick-up line: “Man, you’ve got a great figure.”
“I was severely hungover and I didn’t know Goldie at all outside of having worked with her those many years before,” Russell said in a 2017 interview with Conan O’Brien.

“I just didn’t have in my mind what I was going to see, and she had a great body. So the first thing that came out was, ‘Man, you’ve got a great figure.’ It came out quickly and it could’ve gone wrong, and she said, ‘Why thank you.’”

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At the time, Goldie had two children from her marriage with Bill Hudson. Her son Oliver was born in 1976, and her daughter Kate was born in 1979.

When they celebrated their 40th anniversary together, Kurt told People, “For people like us, the marriage certificate wasn’t going to create anything that otherwise we wouldn’t have,” adding “I don’t know – 40 years isn’t enough to finally say, ‘Well I guess…’”

Goldie added: “Our children got married … Oliver’s very happily married and Wyatt’s very happily married. Katie got married once and that didn’t work, and she’s with this most amazing human and I don’t know if she’ll marry again. The point is that we all tried marriage and sometimes marriage doesn’t work.

“It’s not about the marriage. It’s about the people and the relationship, and the will to stay together. And that’s a big one because if you want it, you can have it. You’ve got to give things up, but the joy and the excitement of being together and touching the toes of somebody at night is really a nice feeling.”

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Today, Goldie and Kurt are not only proud parents of their children they have from previous relationships, but proud grandparents too. They have six grandchildren and love spending time with them and spoiling them. In fact, the couple shares plenty of photos of the little ones and each of them shows just how much love these two have for their grandchildren.

Their grandchildren don’t call them grandma and grandpa but Gogo and Gogi, and we believe that’s very sweet and special.
Oliver Hudson and Kate Hudson, Goldie’s children, both acknowledged Russel as the father figure in their life and even consider him a real dad.

“He was around when [my brother, Oliver Hudson, and I] were young, it sort of teetered out,” famous actress Kate Hudson told Closer Weekly, speaking about her estranged father. Further, she pointed to him as the reason why the relationships in her own life were as they were. “I think that’s like the age-old psychological core issue for any situation. Anybody who has had an experience with a parent that is absent, it’s going to manifest.”

Russell, unlike Bill, has always been there for Goldie’s children whom he considers his own, and Kate and Oliver never miss the chance to thank him for everything he has done for them over the years.

Besides being very much in love, Goldie and Russel decided not to marry and speaking with Cosmopolitan Magazine, as quoted by the Associated Press, back in 1986, Goldie explained the reason behind this decision saying that for her marriage is “ridiculous.”

“We’re very happy,” she said, expecting her third child at the time.

“The child is getting the name Hawn Russell. The kids are happy, and Kurt brought me a beautiful ring to symbolize our love.”

“Actually, owning a home, splitting down the middle – none of that really matters. You have to negate it and move on,” she added. “Otherwise, what are you investing in? Concepts, but concepts are broken with the snap of a finger. That’s why I think marriage is ridiculous.”

What we like about these two is that they never miss a chance to remind one another why they love each other so much. For her 60th birthday, Kurt organized a family trip to Tahiti.

“It’s always so much fun when we all meet up. We are very, very close and see each other as often as we can,” Goldie told the site Now To Love.

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When they received their stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Goldie and Kurt shared a passionate kiss in front of their stars and the photo made headlines all for the right reasons.

Even experts agree that these two share a special form of love.
“Goldie and Kurt walk in unison which tells us that they are also in sync with one another on an emotional level,” said body expert Karen Donaldson.

Speaking of their photos in which they always hold hands, she added, “[It] tells us that they are affectionate towards each other. Plus, it helps that Kurt can’t keep his eyes off Goldie—a sign that he adores her.”

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Now, Goldie revealed something more about their relationship. Speaking to People, she said that Russell compliments her very often.

“The other night we were going to go have dinner. He looks at me and goes, ‘You’re unbelievable,’” she revealed. “He said ‘I cannot believe how [beautiful] you look.’ He really appreciates that. It is really good combination,” she added.

Goldie’s daughter, actress Kate Hudson admires her mother’s relationship and describes it as “the goal.”

“You and Pa have been together for so long and sometimes I look at it and I’m like, How do you guys do it?’” she told People. “I’m still working on that.”

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I don’t think there is a more beautiful love story in Hollywood than that of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.

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