Every organ in the body performs a function, including your two kidneys. Even if you just had one, you would be able to function and be healthy. However, there can be disastrous effects if your kidneys begin to lose function and thus deteriorate. The task of kidneys is to filer toxins out of one’s body. For the sake of your kidneys, if you’re guilty of one more of the following ten habits, do everything in your power to change this.

A set of 3 kidneys

1. Staying Dehydrated
To properly filter out toxins, your kidneys require water. Without it, they cannot properly do their job.

2. Too Much Sugar Intake
Over the years, your kidneys can be weakened if your sugar consumption is way too high.

3. Too Much Salt Intake
Too much salt on your food can increase your blood pressure and dehydrate you, which increases the burden you’re putting on kidneys.

4. Placing Urine on Hold
When you hold you’re urine, you are stressing out your kidneys. Getting rid of toxic materials by urinating is an essential part of your overall kidney health.

5. Magnesium Deficiency
When there’s this type of deficiency, your kidneys take a toll; therefore, consider supplements if necessary.

6. Too Much Coffee
Your kidneys work extra hard if you have a coffee habit, which means extra work that can result in them breaking down.

7. Utilizing Painkillers
Due to the chemicals that they contain, painkillers can make your kidneys go down the hill; therefore, look for other solutions if possible.

8. Alcohol Consumption
A lot of alcohol intake places extra stress on your liver and makes it difficult for kidneys to function efficiently, which is why you should switch to water instead.

9. Too Much Meat Intake
Kidneys tend to have a very difficult time breaking down and thus filtering toxins that come from meat. For a couple of days per week, try going vegetarian.

10. No Sufficient Sleep
Sleep is something that is often neglected. Eight hours of sleep is the key, but if you can’t, make it at least seven hours in order for your kidneys to keep working effectively.  Source: myhealthytraining

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