No one can give an exact definition of love as each person manifests differently. It is true that some symptoms such as tingling in the stomach, inner peace and happiness are symptoms that almost all of us experience when we fall in love. It is very important to choose our life partners carefully. Even if we push the heart, in such situations we also have to use the brain. In all relationships there are differences of opinion and that is completely normal.

The main thing is to live well and overcome difficulties together. In the case of this couple, things turned out very tragically. After the tragic news, there are more surprises. If you’re as curious as we are, we invite you to read on.


Ashley and Mickey Morell were a very happy couple who had two very beautiful children together who made their lives amazing. Ashley is a psychiatrist and at the same time took care of the children while Mickey was at work. Mickey worked hard, sometimes up to 16 hours a day, to make sure his family had everything they needed.

Ashley often scolded Mickey for worrying about his health. After working long days, he came home and had enough energy for the children, spending as much time as possible with them, playing and teaching them. One day he came home very late from work and a heated argument ensued between the two. Again, Ashley tells him not to get so tired because he could get sick at some point. After the fight, Ashley, very angry, told him to sleep on the couch. Little did she know that this would be the last he would hear from her.


As Ashley walked through the living room that morning, she saw Mickey standing in an unnatural position, motionless. He died. Her 36-year-old husband was found dead on the couch and she couldn’t imagine why that happened. I immediately called the authorities.

The cause of death is that Mickey drowned in his sleep, but the dilemma is where he drowned. After a while, I found out that Mickey got a second job, working to earn enough money to go on vacation to celebrate the wedding there. He always worked overtime to raise enough money for family activities such as trips to Disney World. The family was deeply saddened by Mickey’s passing. Curiously, Ashley began an affair with his brother a few months after his death.

The family was skeptical when they heard the news of the sudden change. After all, it’s pretty weird. Ashley said the pain bound the two together and they were very close after Mickey’s death. The 33-year-old woman is happier than ever after a year since the tragic death. Love is really a very unpredictable force, don’t you think? Share this story with your friends and family!

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