Most cuisines around the world use garlic as one of the key ingredients. When used, food acquires a great taste and on top of that it has the capability of healing a number of diseases.

When consumed raw, it can be a powerful and amazing medicine.

Cholesterol and high blood pressure can be decreased by Garlic, as well as the prevention of a heart attack and coronary heart disease. Atherosclerosis’ effects can be stopped by the same.
Common health problems like traveler’s diarrhea, fungal infections, bug bites, flu, cold and hayfever can be solved by taking a garlic bulb.

In addition to that, symptoms of diabetes, an enlarged prostate and osteoarthritis can be managed by garlic.

The ability of the body to remove toxins and improve its immunity can be improved by taking garlic. By combining it with ginger and onion, it can help one to detox from chemotherapy.

The Best Way Of Using Garlic

Taking garlic while it is raw is the best way of consuming it. Heat decentralizes allicin, garlic’s active ingredient. The clove should be sliced and crushed and left for 15 minutes before one can consume it. When the bulb is crushed, a reaction of making alicin to be more bio available is activated.
Eating it while on an empty stomach is recommended because difficulties to absorb and process the food’s nutrients can arise when the stomach is filled with food.


Honey and Raw Garlic

2-3 garlic cloves are chopped into small pieces and then mixed with honey (one tablespoon.)

When this combination is taken on a daily basis, one feels more healthy and energized.


Garlic Flu Tonic


While making this tonic, avoid rubbing your eyes and those with sensitive skin should wear gloves since it has some natural oils which are capable of triggering a burn or skin rash.

Required ingredients:

Half yellow onion that is roughly chopped

5 garlic cloves that are roughly chopped

Unfiltered and raw apple cider vinegar

Squeezed juice from on lemon

Chopped ginger (1 tablespoon)

Roughly chopped two red chili peppers


The Preparation Procedure

The roughly chopped onion is placed into a mason jar of 350 ml – 500 ml. the the chopped garlic is added. The red chili peppers then follow.

Some chopped ginger is carefully placed. The lemon is then squeezed in another bowl, the seeds thrown away and then the juice poured.

The apple cider vinegar is added and a room of around a cm is left at the top. The jar is closed and placed in a pantry or on the counter.

The tonic remedy can now be used for flu, cold, and sore throat.


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